I arrived in Amsterdam on a cloudy afternoon and the first thing I noticed about the city was the energy. Everyone seemed to be having a good time (myself included) and I was eager to check out the museums that my good friend had told me so much about. My friend had actually give meContinue reading “Netherlands”

About Us

LazyTourists was created to help travelers obtain custom itineraries before they go on a trip. We want to understand your wants and needs, so that we are able to provide you with the best research we can. I have done quite a bit of solo-traveling, and on these trips I have learned important tips andContinue reading “About Us”


I arrived in Rome on a hot sunny day and was at the airport looking for a ride to my hotel. I had heard about drivers trying to scam tourists so I had my guard up ( or at least I thought I did). This friendly Italian guy offered to drive me and I madeContinue reading “Italy”


My solo travels started with France. I had never traveled on my own, in fact, even the thought of traveling alone gave me anxiety. But I decided to book everything online (months before), so that I had no choice but to go through with it. I landed in Paris and the anxiety instantly washed awayContinue reading “France”

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