I arrived in Rome on a hot sunny day and was at the airport looking for a ride to my hotel. I had heard about drivers trying to scam tourists so I had my guard up ( or at least I thought I did). This friendly Italian guy offered to drive me and I made the grave mistake of not asking how much the ride would cost.

During the trip, the driver started pointing out random locations and I am polite by nature, so I acted interested and appreciative. Upon arrival to my hotel, he said my total would be $150 because of the “tour” that he had provided. I told him I only had 40 euro on me (a lie), and he was angry for a few minutes but eventually he asked for the 40 euro and let me out. Remember, if someone is trying to scam you, be calm and cool but also stand your ground.

Rome is beautiful and has been on my list of places to see since I was a child. I saw all the tourist attractions ( Trevi fountain, Spanish steps, Colosseum, and the Vatican Museum). Seeing the Sistine Chapel in person is a magical experience and I was just standing in awe of the beauty of the chapel.

After 3 days in Rome, I was ready to visit the Amalfi Coast. I took a train from Rome to Naples (90 minutes), and took a ferry to Sorrento. I only had one night in Sorrento and although I explored pretty much everywhere it had to offer, I didn’t want to leave. The next morning I took a ferry to Positano and was blown away by the picturesque town. It is the most beautiful place that I have visited and I stayed at this Hostel that felt like I was at a 5 star hotel. I met a lot of cool travelers at the hostel, and this was my first experience in a hostel. I also visited a night club that was built inside of a cave!

I had to continue my journey, so I took a ferry back to Naples and when I arrived at the airport, it was chaos. The airline workers had gone on strike! I had to think quickly, my itinerary didn’t allow much room for error and I (along with everyone else) flooded the train stations. A thunderstorm had just started and the trains were delayed for hours, I jumped in the last train that was leaving (without even knowing the destination) and arrived in Florence. I had wanted to see Florence, but it wasn’t in my itinerary, and although the chaos at the airport at the time was overwhelming, I’m happy it happened. Unplanned things will happen on your trip, but sometimes they can result in something good.

I arrived in Florence and was hoping to see the statue of David at the Accademia Gallery, but the museum was closed that day. A lesson was learned, museums are not always open seven days a week, so I suggest you check the hours. I still had a great time exploring the city, and eating the best sandwich I have ever had. After finding a hotel for the night, I was ready to take a flight (the strike only lasted a day) to my final stop of my first solo trip.

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